Charlie & Tommy Got Married!

November 13, 2017


There certain moments in all of our lives when it comes to love, romance and the stuff of great love stories when we wonder, "Will that, could that, ever be me?"  


Then you meet your best friend, and they become the love of your life.  Sometimes it hits you square between the eyes, and sometimes it embers slowly over time.  And then you realize that you have it.  You have him, and he loves you.  And you can't believe that thing you couldn't imagine could be yours is happening ... your Wedding Day.  


And after all those times you watched so many others do those "things" ...


... posing for pictures with your own posse

... sharing your vows

... having those bubbles shower your own faces

... being the newlyweds on the party bus

... and embracing each other in your own first dance  


... you're doing them with this person you utterly adore ... surrounded by the friends and family who adore you too ... and it's so much better than you could have ever imagined.  


To Charlie & Tommy ~ You are So Loved.

March 18 Liz+Rob

March 25, 2017

One week ago today, Liz & Rob got married at the romantic and rustic, Brookside Farms in Louisville, OH.  Liz was calm, cool and ready to enjoy her best day ever.  As she dressed - I asked where Rob was hiding away.  She smoothly replied, "Oh, he's right behind that door."   The one only 8 feet away ?!?!  Yep, that door.  

They made their way upstairs to the twinkle-lit barn where they still got to experience the emotional and magic moment of seeing each other for the first time before their ceremony.  It was a wet and snowy day, but with Liz's super trooper friend crouching in the trunk space of my RAV-4, the 4 of us plus my 6 foot assistant piled into the car and we drove to the covered bridge for some soft, tender, (freezing cold!) winter pictures.  

Then, they created an unforgettably personal ceremony by having their Made of Honor and Best Man each share "How they Met" stories as a prelude to their vows.  

Liz spent a lot of time personalizing all the little things ... from handwritten notes to each guest as table cards, to a making their Program into a Liz+Rob trivia activity book, to a selfie booth and wall collage - all their guests enjoyed every bit of it, and I enjoyed getting to see all the love they got to experience that day.  A toast to you! xo


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Baby "T", 6 Days New, We Love Everything About Baby You

September 08, 2016

Our baby girl, so sweet and small; snuggled up into your baby ball.  

Awestruck and humbled; you are pure perfection - and forever is yours, our undying affection.

Welcome, JP - You're 8 Days New

September 02, 2016

Baby JP, one of a kind, like no other ... except, well, um ... you look just like your brother!  I MAY have called hime by his big brother's name the whole time - but I was reassured I wasn't the only one.  =)  Having photographed his Big Brother when he was a newborn, I was tickled to experience their similarities -  they are both long, they both like  their legs stretched out and they are both super chill babies.  Welcome, little Sir!  You have a huge family and vast network of friends who are so excited you're here.  xo


Kate & Kevin Tied the Knot!

September 01, 2016

Beautiful Kate & Kevin sweetly exchanged their vows among an intimate gathering of family and friends last Saturday evening to mark another milestone in their special journey together.  Although my massive collection of big black golf umbrellas were back in the studio that evening, we didn't let a little Cleveland shower stop us from capturing some incredible wedding night portraits thanks to the chic, gleaming, city cool of the new Hilton Cleveland Downtown Hotel.  

Congratulations to this very special couple! xo


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