Brodie's Good Vibe Tribe

October 15, 2015

For Throwback Thursday today - I'm honoring this extraordinary family.  12 months ago, they were dancing in their fall Maternity pictures.  5 months ago, we were in their home, enamored by Brodie's delicious newborn-ness.  30 days ago, they were told that 3 month old Brodie needed a liver transplant.  And 4 days from now, this momma and Brodie will be in surgery, to replace Brodie's liver with a section of Traci's.  Within days, they had 1000's of supporters on Facebook following their page, "Brodie's Good Vibe Tribe"; there is spirit gear, and the most positive spirited, precise, thorough and informative series of explanations and updates from Traci herself I have ever witnessed.  I'm sure we all question how we'd personally handle such devastating news, and all I can say is that I think we all would like to be as strong as Traci, Russ and Harper.  xo   Visit their local supporter, to see how cute this baby is now - it'll melt you.  xo 

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150521tigue_501_MedRes150521tigue_501_MedResPerfect, beautiful, bouncing baby Brodie 150521tigue_222_MedRes150521tigue_222_MedResPerfect, beautiful, bouncing baby Brodie

150521tigue_481_MedRes150521tigue_481_MedResPerfect, beautiful, bouncing baby Brodie