The Power of Wedding Vows When You're Already a Family

October 05, 2015

When was the last time you thought about your wedding vows?  Did you write or own?  If you didn't, what would you say now?  What's changed?


Heidi & Ryan exchanged highly personal vows in front of 70 guests at Crockett's Run in Hocking Hills OH.   They made me think:  As families, we struggle, we triumph.  We race through our days, and give thanks with our inside voices, but probably not as often with our outside voices.  Let's all be sure to thank the person we've created a family with.  We've weathered the "bad" and created so much "good".  They deserve to hear all the NEW ways you appreciate them.  Let's make some promises that REALLY hit home - like when Ryan promised Heidi that he'd look in more than one place for the thing he wanted before asking her where it is.  All the wives, I think, shed a tear.  =)


If you're like me and my husband, on anniversary night, you'll clink a fast toast of "Love you Babe", while reveling in the calm quiet that happens when the kids are not around.  Our 9th anniversary is this week, and I think I'll tell him what my own inside voice is thinking when my outside voice is asking why the trash is still sitting in there.  I'll write some new mind-blowing promises of my own, like actually having bread in the house when he's looking to make himself as sandwich.   I'll make him look me in the eye as read them.  


In my mind he'll swell with tears and gush with emotion.  But in reality, he'll giggle and ask "So when do those start?".  And I'll burst out laughing and reply, "I don't know, eventually."   And that will be "us".  But he'll know that I know, I notice and that I care.


Then happily onward to another year of life, love and family memories.  xo