She Met me in St Louis but Married me in CLE

June 23, 2015

When I told my colleague, Frank Caruso, that I could cover a Monday afternoon wedding on Huntington Beach my first thought was - gotta get the perfect spot.  The sultry summer day drew a lively speckling of sunbathers - so - when I saw that the perfect spot on the perfect rock, under the perfect tree, with the skyline perfectly in the distance - was empty - what did I do?  Ran wildly through the sand, clumsily jangling my photo gear everywhere so I could seat-save Natasha & Tyrone's wedding spot for over an hour like Elaine on Seinfeld in the movie theater.  

I'm so glad I did because Natasha Baker and Tyrone Hunt had chosen to drive all the way from St. Louis to exchange their wedding vows in our very own Cleveland.  The Plain Dealer and WKYC thought it was pretty cool too because they came too, filming the ceremony as follow up coverage from 2 days before!  Alone with the their Minister up on the rock, their tearful joy had everyone choking up.  Such a gift!  

Then, out of the blue, a lady who lives near the beach ran up to us and told the couple how touched she was that they picked Cleveland for their wedding and made a point of finding them on the beach to give them a small gift to say congratulations.  C'mon - if that's not a great example of "We Are CLE" that what is?!

Below is a sneak peak of their wedding day photos, plus, this WKYC segment and article with a 10-photo gallery by Gus Chan.  Yours truly managed to photo bomb photo 2 & 5.   #sweetstory #huhsothat'swhatIlooklikewhenishootpictureshmmm

And for all of you out there - I would seat-save just as crazily for you. xo