The Best of Between the "Cheese!"

June 26, 2015

Did you know that a 12-person group is the perfect "small" amount of "a lot of family" for a group photo?   The Ganor/LoBue clan weathered the drizzle at Edgewater Park and we all had a great time.  Did we get the coveted "everyone looking and smiling shots"?  Yup!  But my favorite shots of the day were between the "Cheese!".

1.  Little Anthony was our camera-shy-guy ... and, like in the books "Pete the Cat" ... did it foil our chances at great pictures?  Heck no!  The shyer he got, the more the family shouted, "Everyone stare at Anthony!!!" - and it's my favorite shot of the week.

2.  We told the kids to race to the bench and as Dominic's mom uttered the words, "I guarantee his shoes will fall off" - it went flying in the air.  

3.  When we told them to wait for the signal before racing back - how do you get running kids to stop?  The family's reaction cracks me up!  

4.  When Brad and the boys jumped in for a father-sons picture, I said, "Now mush your cheeks!"  And Luke did just that!

Do you have a large extended family but think getting a group picture would be too hard?  If so, come spend an hour with this crazy camera lady and I guarantee we'll get the shot and have a ball.  Do you have kids who are camera-shy or unpredictable?  It'll be the best shot of the day. xoxo


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