Big Brothers Make it Messy Painting Mommy's Baby Belly

September 04, 2015

In the hectic minutes of daily life, slowing down to focus on the arrival of a baby can get lost in the shuffle.  Jill made sure to make space in her time with Tommy and Luke to celebrate their changing family -- and give their baby brother a preview of what's to come:  messy, joyful, unscripted, roll with it, family love.  When baby Henry grows up, he'll be able to see his unborn self in front of the playset where he rode a big boy swing for the first time.  They will look at the street they lived on as Jill and TJ help them reminisce about memories they created in that neighborhood, at that time in their lives.  And they'll see how cool their mom was, as long ago as and early as "way back then".  As a lifestyle photojournalist, the most important stories I cover, are yours. xo

D4S_6630_HighRes D4S_6396_HighResD4S_6396_HighRes D4S_6455_HighRes-2_PSD4S_6455_HighRes-2_PS D4S_6505_HighResHold our hands and we'll show you how, to be happy, be you and enjoy the now ...