Charlie & Tommy Got Married!

November 13, 2017


There certain moments in all of our lives when it comes to love, romance and the stuff of great love stories when we wonder, "Will that, could that, ever be me?"  


Then you meet your best friend, and they become the love of your life.  Sometimes it hits you square between the eyes, and sometimes it embers slowly over time.  And then you realize that you have it.  You have him, and he loves you.  And you can't believe that thing you couldn't imagine could be yours is happening ... your Wedding Day.  


And after all those times you watched so many others do those "things" ...


... posing for pictures with your own posse

... sharing your vows

... having those bubbles shower your own faces

... being the newlyweds on the party bus

... and embracing each other in your own first dance  


... you're doing them with this person you utterly adore ... surrounded by the friends and family who adore you too ... and it's so much better than you could have ever imagined.  


To Charlie & Tommy ~ You are So Loved.