With a picture, you only get 3 seconds to make a first impression.  


Compelling, Connected, Candid, Personal, Powerful, Poised ...


What will yours be?


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Fall 2017 -- Booking Tuesdays through Thursdays.  

Email:  Call/Text:  216-392-2810  

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  •  Up to 20 minutes of a photo shoot within 10 minutes of the studio, or in-studio
  •  Enough time for 1 Outfit / Scene 
  •  2 Final Edited Poses
  •  One round of Basic Retouching Enhancements on Face & Clothing
    • Eye sharpening, teeth whitening, basic blemish removal, skin smoothing, general wrinkle removal and hair retouching
  • $195 tx



  • Up to 60 minutes hour of a photo shoot within 20-25 minutes of the studio, or in-studio
  • 2 or more Outfits/Scenes
  • 10 Final Edited Poses/Shots as High and Web-Sharp Low Resolution Digital Image Files (JPEGS) 
  • One round of Standard Retouching Enhancements 
    • Everything above plus other spot treatments
  • $495 tx



  • Up to 2 hours of a photo shoot within 20-25 minutes of the studio, or in-studio
  • As many Outfits/Scenes we can fit into our timeframe
  • 20 Final Edited Poses/Shots as High and Web-Sharp Low Resolution Digital Image Files (JPEGS)
  • One round of Detailed Retouching Enhancements 
    • Everything above plus body or facial contouring as requested
  • $750 tx



  • A studio shoot or at specific locations within the designed amount of time from my Crocker Park area studio.  Locations farther than that are at the discretion of the photographer and will incur a small cost for the additional time.


  • Each Edited Pose will be delivered as 2 types of digital image files, in color:  1 High Resolution Rectangle for printing, 1 Web Sharp Low Resolution Square for LinkedIn and other Social Media profile pictures


  • Delivery of your final edited set to an online gallery from which you and your webmaster can download all your digital images


  • Direct consultation with your Webmaster regarding image specifications and one fair round of re-sizing if needed.


  • Mobile App for anytime viewing of your gallery and saving to your phone / posting to social media


-   $20 for each additional shot we add to the final set
-   $20 per image for more extensive retouching beyond the basics
-   $10 per image to hand edit into high contrast black and white


Your headshot is your face to the world and the professional audience or client/customer base you are marketing to.  It should be crisp, on-trend, robustly portray your personal or professional brand - but most importantly, it should make a connection through that spark in your eyes.

Whether you need an updated LinkedIn profile, or you're a business owner who needs marketing content, or a professional in the entertainment industry - I will take the time to make sure you "work it" to perfection, and get a chance to review our shots to ensure you are happy with our results before the shoot is over.