How do we Start?



  • First I will send a Conversation Jump Starter Interview to help us talk in depth about your goals for the pictures and how you plan to use them, to ensure you get the most versatility and mileage out of your investment.


  • Then I'll give you specific guidance on the type and number of Looks you should have, and the corresponding wardrobe.  


  • I will send your Style Guides, shopping examples and advice on colors & cuts that would work best on your.


  • If you think you'd like to book a hair and/or makeup artist I can refer you to some of the best in the city.


  • Finally - you shop your closet or the stores for a range of great-fitting, fresh-looking apparel that meets the needs of your looks.


  • We will become besties because of all the selfie texts you will send me in your outfits  =)




What is a "Look" ?



When choosing your number of looks, consider how many Commercial/Print looks (head-to-toe) you will need, whether you already have an agent or if you want to use these pictures to try for representation for commercial work.


Typically Commercial actors need at least 3 Commercial looks depending on your casting demographic (age).  



1 very casual, 1 dress casual, 1 professional business look.  If you look old enough to work in a medical setting, an essential 4th look in this region would be medical.



If you are serious about submitting to Film/TV auditions, or need headshots as a Theater actor, this is a different set up, a different style of capture, and a different posing experience for you.  


Most often in this region, the top you wear will be very straightforward and versatile.


It is a headshot only, may involve a different wardrobe approach, and would be a separate look.



When deciding the number of Looks you want to capture that day ... consider how many Commercial Looks you need and how many FilmTV/Theater Headshot Looks you want.  


Each look takes 20-30 minutes to complete from start to finish.


For example ... if you were to choose 4 Looks, it could be any kind of combination such as:


  • 4 Commercial Looks ... or ...
  • 3 Commercial Looks plus 1 Film-Tv/Theatrical Headshot Look
  • and so forth






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