• First I want to talk in depth about your goals for the pictures and how you plan to use them, to ensure you get the most versatility and mileage out of your investment.


  • Then I'll give you specific guidance on wardrobe, makeup and hair.  If you think you'd like to book a hair and/or makeup artist I can refer you to some of the best in the city.


  • Finally - you shop your closet or the stores for a range of great-fitting, fresh-looking apparel that meets the needs of your looks.


  • All of our Booking & scheduling materials are digital which I will email to you - 50% down to get on the calendar and 50% due upon completion of the session.






    • North Light Studios, 2530 E. Superior Ave, Art Craft Building Suite 201, Cleveland.  Downtown Cleveland, right off of I-90.


    • On location, on site at your office, available for Corporate clients who are scheduling multiple in a day





  • Yes!  I am 100% happiness guarantee.  You get to see the shots as we go, we help you pose and position to bring your best features forward, we adjust and we create.  There is no "photo magic" lol - just really honest, caring, good partnership.  






Downloadable Master Gallery Link:


  • Your images will be posted to a personal, stand alone Ready to Use Downloadable Gallery that you can share with your web team, agent, marketing team - anyone with a link can download the images.


Save-to-Phone App:


  • Also cool – your Galleries are cloud-linked to an App that let’s you save-pics-to-phone and quickly show off your gallery without fishing around for your link.  Nice!



Keep All of your Edited Proofs:

  • All the best shots, edited and optimized for color, tone, lighting, clarity and cropping and delivered as Final Ready, High Resolution images in the original 4:6 ratio, digitally sized for looking great on online, as well as printing as small as wallets and as large as 30 inches on the longest size 


Final Edit on 2 Shots per Look:

  • You can pick 2 shots from each look for me to give a final go-over and 8x10 cropping.


Specific Retouching for $17.50 per image


  • If you have blemishes or request specific retouching that is beyond the overall color/tone/exposure correction, there is a way to order retouching from inside your Gallery. 


Save 25% on 8x10 Prints with Color-Perfect Skin Tones

  • Then, if you'd like to order prints that are skin-tone-color-perfect, from the professional photo lab inside your gallery - it's open anytime.


  • For multiple 8x10s, use Coupon code   save25on5ormore   to bring the price down from $12 to $8 per print.









  • The Purpose:
    • 1-2 winning hero images for your website, marketing, LinkedIn that you won't want to update for at least 2-3 or more years
  • The Capture:  
    • Waist-up  for use on your website, LinkedIn, marketing materials
    • A single outfit against a single backdrop to capture that winning expression 
  • The Result:  
    • Your 2 Favorite Shots chosen from your Quality Perfected Proof Gallery
    • Finished with an additional 15-20 minutes per image of detailed Advanced Facial Retouching
    • Download your 2 Images from a Personalized Gallery Link
    • Anytime access to your Proof Gallery with the option to purchase additional images for retouching then downloading
  • The Time:
    • 35-45 minutes
  • The Investment:
    • $199 +tax





  • The Purpose:  
    • An Actor or Entertainer's Commerical or Theatrical Portfolio; the Entrepreneur or Business Professional's Go-To set of marketing images
  • The Goal:
    • 1-3 winning images you love from each look
  • The Prep:  
    • Extensive styling consultation, pic-texting and coaching on hair/makeup
    • First 30 minutes of your arrival focused on de-wrinkling, perfecting & selecting clothes, perfecting makeup/hair, and position testing
  • The Capture:  
    • Distinct Waist Up and 3/4 Body Looks captured in different settings, in different poses.  Careful time is taken to capture winning commercial, editorial or fashion images.  This requires detailed time and attention to your wardrobe, top to bottom and is mainly used for Commercial Portfolios and Marketing.
    • ---or---
    • Distinct Face Focused Theatrical Headshot Looks captured with different backgrounds to compliment your skin and clothing.  Careful time is taken to work your range of expressions ... all waist up or higher, less time on perfecting wardrobe, more time pulling out your personality.
  • What You Get:
    • The best of all your Proofs delivered as Quality Perfected Gallery of Final Ready High Resolution 4x6 ratio digital images sized for crisp viewing online and printing as small as wallets and as large as 30" on the longest side.
    • Permanent access to your personalized, downloadable, shareable gallery.
    • One Round of final-tweaks & batch-optimization on a small, concise subset of your Favorite Shots, selected by you. 
    • Because of the investment you make in perfecting your hair, makeup and outfits, before and during the shoot, your images will be Ready-to-Go.  However!  Time spent on Detailed Retouching can be purchased for $17.50 / image =)
  • Additional Looks:
    • Each additional look adds 30 minutes to the shoot to prepare the outfit, the setting, finalize hair/makeup, pose and work your expressions to create the look plus subsequent editing and file management
    • Look changes might be:  outfit change; time to capture the perfect theatrical expression vs pleasing commercial expression; lighting/backdrop change to capture a different photography style 
    •  $75 per look
  • The Time:
    • 2 Looks:  1.0 Hour approx
    • 3 Looks:  1.5 Hours approx
    • 4 Looks:  2.0 Hours approx
    • 5 Looks:  2.5 Hours approx
    • 6 Looks:  3.0 Hours approx
  • The Investment:
    • 2 Looks:  $199 +tax
    • 3 Looks:  $275 +tax  
    • 4 Looks:  $350 +tax  
    • 5 Looks:  $425 +tax
    • 6 Looks:  $499 +tax





  • Volume Pricing is based on a Mobile Studio set-up fee plus per-head price 
  • Averages 10 minutes per person to capture one single headshot per team member that will undergo an adverage of 15 per person of Advanced Retouching
  • Volume Print pricing included for use in back-office displays



  • $17.50 +tax





  • 50% to book your shoot and 50% due when the shoot is complete.  Invoicing is click-and-pay with a credit card.   Venmo, PayPal, and cash also accepted.






  • Studio Scheduling: M-F, between the hours of 930am - 7pm.
  • Corporate Scheduling is determined by the project


  • Actors follow me on Instagram & Facebook for Special Event back to back time-slots on Saturdays & Sundays


  • @shannonahlstrandheadshots





Email:   [email protected]

Text or Call:   216-392-2810