With a picture, you get 2 seconds to make a first impression.  


Caring, Compelling, Connected, Personal, Powerful, Poised ...


What will yours be?


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Executive DirectorExecutive Director AactorAactor
150514DavisF_225_HiResSquareCrop150514DavisF_225_HiResSquareCropFrederick Davis head shots in Ohio City on W. 25th Street, for CD cover of I Can't Help But Love You, as Frederick of Cleveland 170127_131_pm_HIGH RES_2-3 Ratio170127_131_pm_HIGH RES_2-3 Ratio

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Your Headshot is your First Impression Maker.  


Your Profile Picture is your Billboard.


That twinkle in your eye can make or break your

client, audience, or agent's decision about you.


No pressure.  =)


My single goal is to bring out the "real you" and help you love your own smiling face.  

We will review your shots thoughtfully until you are happy, 

because we all know that one great picture can truly be worth a thousand words.




  • Professional Lighting, Backgrounds and Pose Coaching and Real-Time Shot Selection
  • Retouched High Resolution Images - sharp for Social Media and Printing
  • Delivered to a Downloadable Gallery & Save-to-Phone Mobile App
  • Wardrobe Consultation



The Profile Picture

  • A Clean, Concise up to 20 minutes *setup at your office (in a mask) or outside locally*
  • One Outfit with One Background
  • One Hero Shot edited with Advanced Retouching
  • Delivered as a High Resolution Digital Jpeg File - in the shape of an 8x10 Rectangle and a Square 
  • This is ideal for fast, consistent smilers 
  • $120 tx for Shooting & Editing of One Hero Shot
  • $60 set up fee if backdrop and corresponding is needed
  • Travel Fees may apply



The Headshot

  • A Focused & Thorough up to 60 minutes *setup at your office (in a mask) or outside locally*
  • 2 Outfits - or - 2 Backgrounds
  • One Hero Shot and One Optional Bonus Shot edited with Advanced Retouching
  • Delivered as a High Resolution Digital Jpeg File - in the shape of an 8x10 Rectangle and a Square 
  • Ideal for discerning subjects with a variety of expressions who want to get their smile just right
  • $165 tx



The Marketing Materials Set

  • A Focused 60 minutes to capture 3 Hero Portrait Shots (i.e. conservative, business casual, casual) plus 1 Bonus Shot
  • *setup at your office (in a mask) or on-location within 10 minutes of the studio*
  • 3 Retouched Hero Shots and 1 optional Bonus Shot edited with Basic Retouching
  • Delivered as both Rectangle & Square Web Sharp, High Resolution Digital Images
  • Ideal for the professional who needs a concise set of headshots for marketing themselves to a range of audiences
  • $330 tx



The Editorial 

  • A Dynamic up to 90 minutes of Lifestyle and Posed Portraiture
  • *setup at your office (in a mask)on-location within 20 minutes of the studio*
  • Whatever number of Outfits, Backgrounds, and/or "Shot Spots" within a Location that fit the timeframe to accomplish the desired shots
  • 20 Retouched Shots with Classic Editing -or- 5 with Advanced Editing -
  • Ideal for the Individual who needs to represent themselves in a range of settings
  • $465 tx



The Portfolio / Marketing Content

  • A Diverse up to 2.5 hours *on-location within 25 minutes of the studio*
  • Shot Plan consultation by phone
  • As many Outfits, Backgrounds, "Shot Spots" or Locations that fit the timeframe
  • 100+ Lifestyle Shots with Color+Exposure Editing --or-- 50 Basic Retouched Shots --or-- 30 shots with Advanced Retouching 
  • Includes Two 8x10 or Four 5x7 prints
  • Includes Backup USB 
  • Ideal for the professional who requires a breadth of professionally captured content
  • $600 tx



The On-Site Corporate Team Headshot Package

  • Pricing will be determined by variables related to location, headcount, time on site and lighting needs while factoring in professional time to consult, travel, set up, shoot, retouch, and deliver


-   $20 for each additional shot we add to the final set
-   $40 per image for more extensive retouching beyond the basics
-   $10 per image to hand edit into high contrast black and white or special filter



Booking Tuesdays through Thursdays, 9-2 

Email:  [email protected]  Call/Text:  216-392-2810  

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