Actors, Models, Commercial/Print Talent

Entertainers, Comedians








  • Your pictures are the gateway between you and getting jobs and auditions.  


  • I know it and won't stop until I know we have created a strong portfolio that will work for you.  


  • We make it so amazing it'll be hard to choose your favorites with at least 1-3 winning images you love from each Look


  • comfortable, yet high energy, surprisingly fun photoshoot experience
  • You walk away saying, "She made me totally feel comfortable to be myself,  but I also felt like a very awesome version of myself"  =)







COMMERCIAL LOOK:  "Focusing on the Outside, In."


  • "Dress for the parts that pay, not how you like to dress."  xo xo xo


  • Captured from "foot-to-face" (full body), your clothes tell the story.
  • Commercial portfolios are for the purpose of booking commercial work to sell things like for print ads, TV commercials, social media ads and selections are made by the Art Directors of the brand/product being sold.  
  • It is wardrobed to make you look set-ready for the commercial role that art directors are seeking - most often every day people - homeowners, customers, patients, parents etc - so they can instantly see you selling their products.  
  • A Commercial Look is shot as one outfit within 1-2 complimentary scenes & captured in varied poses and range of smiling & non smiling expressions needed by the agencies in order to submit you to commercial clients 
  • For this Midwest Market, it is captured like a catalog - lifestyle portraiture, 3/4 length, waist up & face
  • Painstaking time is taken perfect wardrobe, makeup, hair from head to toe... everything the camera can see.  
  • This is so that when your agent submits you to commercial clients, they will want to select you.
  • Commercial wardrobe is detailed & hard work, but the effort always pays off



FILM-TV / THEATRICAL LOOK:   "Focusing on the Inside, Out."


  • "Face before Fashion."  xo xo xo


  • Captured from "heart-to-head" (chest up), your eyes tell the story.
  • Careful time is taken to elicit your range of expressions and ensure your eyes are making a connection and that your expression conveys personality.
  • Background and lighting will match your look
  • Headshot wardrobe is simple, straightforward and will match your goals and the markets you plan to audition in
  • Is it styled according to the role/type you are aiming for, against colored background with lighting that both sets the mood and specifically brings the viewer directly into your gaze.  
  • Theatricals are captured ribs up / chest up ... maybe a few where we might see dark pants if it's a dramatic look ... but wardrobe is focused on shirt layers, hair and how it all conveys character essence.



SET of BEAUTY SHOTS:  "The skin cream & makeup zone:


  • Face, Skin, Hands, Neck
  • These are being requested more often for skin care brands.
  • Natural professional makeup for Face, Chest & Hands aimed at for submissions to skincare work.  
  • Imagine all the ads & packaging you see in stores featuring healthy, glowing skin and fresh natural body wash beauty.  =)
  • These are captured in a tank top, ribs up.  
  • Skin must be healthy, clean, conditioned & hands & fingernails must look perfect.



SET of MODELING DIGITALS:  "Full-Body Mug-Shot".  


  • For Teen/Adult Print Models who might be a crossover into modeling or for commercial talent who will someday be asked for "modeling digitals".  
  • These bare bones tank top/t shirt, skinny jeans to show your body so Art Directors can see the form and structure of the talent they are casting.  
  • Captured front, sides, back and some posing - you wear a single set of black outfit against a white wall and you can think of it as Hand Pictures but for your body. =)