Working Together to make

Pictures that Work 

Actors, Models, Commercial/Print Talent








Your Goal



  • A set of FilmTV/Theater headshots that make you stand out and show your acting range when submitting to auditions





My Goal



  • Your pictures are the gateway between you and getting jobs and auditions.  


  • I know it and won't stop until I know we have created a strong portfolio that will work for you.  


  • We make it so amazing it'll be hard to choose your favorites with at least 1-3 winning images you love from each Look


  • comfortable, yet high energy, surprisingly fun photoshoot experience
  • You walk away saying, "She made me totally feel comfortable to be myself,  but I also felt like a very awesome version of myself"  =)









FIRST:  What is " A Look" ?




COMMERCIAL LOOK:  Focusing on the Outside, In.  


   "Dress for the parts that pay, not how you like to dress."  xo xo xo

  • Captured from "foot-to-face" (full body), your clothes tell the story.
  • Full body,  3/4 length, waist up & face in a different setting per look
  • Painstaking time is taken perfect wardrobe, makeup, hair from head to toe... everything the camera can see. 
  • This is so that when your agent submits you to commercial clients, they will want to select you.
  • Commercial wardrobe is detailed & hard work, but the effort always pays off





FILM-TV / THEATRICAL LOOK:   Focusing on the Inside, Out.


   "Face before Fashion."  xo xo xo


  • Captured from "heart-to-head" (chest up), your eyes tell the story.
  • Careful time is taken to elicit your range of expressions and ensure your eyes are making a connection and that your expression conveys personality.
  • Background and lighting will match your look
  • Headshot wardrobe is simple, straightforward and will match your goals and the markets you plan to audition in






NEXT:  Choosing your Looks



  • When choosing your number of looks, consider how many Commercial/Print looks (head-to-toe, thigh up, waist up, face only) you will need, whether you already have an agent or if you want to use these pictures to try for representation for commercial work.  



  • Typically Commercial actors need at least 2-3 Commercial looks depending on your casting demographic (age).  1 very casual, 1 dressier casual, 1 professional business look.  If you look old enough to work in a medical setting, an essential 4th look in this region would be medical.



  • If you are serious about submitting to Film/TV auditions, or need headshots as a Theater actor, this is a different set up, a different style of capture, and a different posing experience for you. It is a headshot only, will involve a different wardrobe approach, and is a separate look.



  • So for example ... if you were to choose 4 Looks, it could be any kind of combination such as:


  • 4 Commercial Looks ... or ...
  • 3 Commercial Looks plus 1 Film-Tv/Theatrical Headshot Look
  • 2 Commercial Looks plus 2 Film-Tv/Theatrical Headshot Looks
  • and so forth




THEN:  What do I get?





  • Your shoot is narrowed down to a "Best of the Session" and Final Edited into a permanent personal Gallery Link that you can download & keep all of your photos
    • Your pictures are delivered as Edited, Quality Perfected, High Resolution 4x6 ratio Jpegs for crisp viewing online and printing 
    • Because of the painstaking time and attention we make at perfecting your hair, makeup and outfits, before and during the shoot, your images will be Ready-to-Go.  
    • An Retouching Session can be purchased after the fact







  • To get the most value from your shoot, all clients, men and women, must have base makeup to ensure a skin perfect capture and that no retouching is needed.  This ensures every expression, every shot variation in your Gallery is ready for you when you need it.


  • I partner with some of the best Makeup Artists in the city and their services can be booked separately to occur in the studio, right before our shoot.  Hair & Makeup Investment typically ranges from $150-$200 depending on the extent of services


  • Alternately, come Hair & Photo Makeup Ready or you will get 20 minutes of photo-ready makeup in studio by Shannon for a flat $15.






  • Due to the painstaking amount of time & attention that is spent managing your makeup, wardrobe before & during your shoot ~ specific image retouching is NOT included in the core price. 


  • For Non-Commercial, Theatrical/Film Headshots … Quick Heal & Flyaway retouching can be purchased afterwards for $20 per image 










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