Creating Pictures that Sell




Making the Most of your Look





Partnering with your photographer to create a portfolio that gets you Noticed,

get you Auditions, and get you Paid is the best kind of work we can do together,

and I am wholeheartedly invested in your success.  I work hard at giving you everything

I have, so that I can pull from you, the best of exactly who you are. xo





Choosing your Looks



  • When choosing your number of looks, consider how many Commercial/Print looks (head-to-toe, thigh up, waist up, face only) you will need, whether you already have an agent or if you want to use these pictures to try for representation for commercial work.  



  • Typically Commercial actors need at least 2-3 Commercial looks depending on your casting demographic (age).  1 very casual, 1 dressier casual, 1 professional business look.  If you look old enough to work in a medical setting, an essential 4th look in this region would be medical.



  • If you are serious about submitting to Film/TV auditions, or need headshots as a Theater actor, this is a different set up, a different style of capture, and a different posing experience for you. It is a headshot only, will involve a different wardrobe approach, and is a separate look.



  • So for example ... if you were to choose 4 Looks, it could be any kind of combination such as:


  • 4 Commercial Looks ... or ...
  • 3 Commercial Looks plus 1 Film-Tv/Theatrical Headshot Look
  • 2 Commercial Looks plus 2 Film-Tv/Theatrical Headshot Looks
  • and so forth



Session Pricing 




24/7 multi-day personalized 1-on-1 text-to-text wardrobe consultation

Painstaking attention to detail at perfecting your look before each shot;

Expert posing direction to maximize your best angles;

Real time review & recapture of your pictures until you're happy;

Full Quality Edit of your entire Gallery & Permanent Personal Gallery Link

Additional Cost for Makeup so you can Keep all of your photos


  • 2 Looks:      $250


  • 3 Looks:      $330


  • 4 Looks:      $399


  • 5 Looks:      $475


  • 6 Looks:      $550


  • Retouching


  • Due to the painstaking amount of time & attention that is spent managing your makeup, wardrobe before & during your shoot ~ specific image retouching is NOT included in the core price. 


  • For Non-Commercial, Theatrical/Film Headshots … Quick Heal & Flyaway retouching can be purchased afterwards for $20 per image 




Makeup &  Pricing 



All clients must have a base layer of full color correction, foundation & powder.  It is strongly advised that clients book a professional makeup artist however, for clients who only need the basics, I can do it for you. If you know you can do it yourself, you can let me know.



  • Professional Makeup Artist:  $150 - $175 depending on the Artist









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