My prices cover a time intensive comprehensive & exhaustive personalized advice process from what to wear, assistance on applying to Agencies and ways to plug into to the local community. 


Our work starts with extensive wardrobe advice and responding to outfit texts at all times of day.  


Each Outfit takes 35 min of painstaking set up & detail management followed by expert posing direction to maximize your best angles
then real-time back of camera review as we go to ensure we get the shots you want, need and feel great about while still feeling "like yourself". 






  • Your shoot is narrowed down to a "Best of the Session" and Final Full Quality Edited into a permanent personal Gallery Link that you can download & keep all of your photos


  • Your pictures are delivered as Edited, Quality Perfected, High Resolution 4x6 ratio Jpegs for crisp viewing online and printing 


  • Because of the painstaking time and attention we make at perfecting your hair, makeup and outfits, before and during the shoot, your images will be Ready-to-Go


  • Detailed retouching won't be needed but can be purchased for $20 per image on Theatricals









  • **Everyone Must Have Picture Perfect Problem Solving Makeup**


  • To get the most value from your shoot, all clients, men and women, must have color correcting base makeup to ensure effective elimination of dark circles, redness, blemishes and full face coverage so that light will bounce and sculpt you vs. absorb and wash you out.  


  • Makeup ensures a skin perfect capture and that no retouching is needed and that every expression, every shot variation in your Gallery is ready for you when you need it.


  • I partner with some of the best Makeup Artists in the city and their services can be booked separately to occur in the studio, right before our shoot. 


  •  Hair & Makeup Investment varies per artist and can be Hair & Makeup or just makeup - average is $150-160 for hair & makeup






  • Due to the painstaking amount of time & attention that is spent managing your makeup, wardrobe before & during your shoot ~ specific image retouching is NOT included in the core price.  


  • For CLOSE-UP FACE SHOT ONLY ... … Quick Heal & Flyaway retouching can be purchased afterwards for $20 per image 







  • Can be purchased directly from inside your Gallery for $12 each from my professionals-only photo lab