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Let's be honest:  Finding the right photographer is kind of like dating, isn't it?  


It should feel perfectly matched ... like creating a complimentary partnership in which you can be yourselves and bring out the best in each other.  To me, spending your entire wedding day with your photographer should be as fun and memorable as the wedding itself.  


When you become my client, I become your friend and I’ll care about you and your wedding as if we are family.  We'll partner closely to make sure I understand everything you care about that my camera could capture:  the big moments, the subtle details, the special relationships, the fun and the funny. Then, I will be constantly on the move - watching ... anticipating ... connecting.  And yes, I get right in there with you and your guests to catch all the good stuff your future selves will crave to remember.


As a former Event Planner and Corporate Engagement Manager, I thrive on logistics, thoughtful planning, orchestrating the pieces, responding to the unexpected without a blink 
 and doing whatever it takes to make it work.  On your wedding day, I will be your timekeeper, sounding board, people wrangler, dress fixer, photo ninja, friend-maker and smile getter – without ego or personal agenda.  I know when to be professionally discreet or sweetly engaging in order to make you, your friends and family laugh and feel comfortable while ensuring I get the shot.  It’s your once in a lifetime Wedding Day and all I want to do is make it easy and special.  


Put simply – when you can be free to be yourselves ... your emotions and interactions will become the art.   My entire purpose is to make your experience fun and free flowing so that your pictures can be all about your wedding day, while ensuring your wedding day isn't "all about the pictures".  =)  


And when the day is over, I’ll work just as hard to turn the expressions of your day into an emotional journey that you can relive and relish for generations.