Because, well ... "2020" is now code for ... you know.


The burning question so many couples ask me is:


"What'll it be like if we change our wedding day from

how we originally planned it?"


And having captured a number of weddings in 2020, I'm here to reassure you all:  The day you marry the love of your life, it will have all the moments and all the feels, right where they should be.  It'll be emotional, heartfelt, sincere, memorable and fun.  It's always been and will still be about the two of you.  Yes, there'll likely be masks and spaced out seating if you're in a church.  But I promise you'll barely notice.  Plus there's a bonus - the people who matter most in the world to you are right beside you, and they won't get lost in the shuffle.


So if you're like me - you might be thinking right now, "That's great news!  Phew, okay, cool."  And if you are like me, you are also still wondering, "But um ... what will it look like?" :D


So I assembled a sample of different kinds of weddings that happened in 2020.  Each clip is less than 60 seconds, but they will give you the visual you need to just get your head around different scenarios.  I love your love and I promise your love is going to look and feel as magical as you hope it will.


xoxo Shannon




Natalie & David

Natalie & David - June

Everything they Planned,

just with a Little More Legroom


These two weren't letting anything stop them from becoming married.  With true "the show must go on" positivity, they adjusted, and everyone had a great time.  From getting ready through their DJ assisted reception - it was a dreamy, boisterously joyous day.   Natalie even went as far as to create a very socially distanced church seating chart for their ushers to ensure everyone felt comfortable from the moment they arrived.  With the help of their venue, Lakewood Country Club, they were able to create space between their reception seating which wasn't noticeable at all except that it just felt like a lot of nice leg room to move around.  Their party was filled with so many personal details, decor and great DJ music that it just felt like a really happy party.  With 80 people in attendance, and without dancing as an option, they decided to have the DJ lead the get-to-know-the-couple "shoe game" and then got everyone into Trivia Night ... reception style.  They created such positive energy around a wonderful way to spend time with the people everyone came for. xo


Boris & Maggie

Boris & Maggie - August

Simple Sweet Backyard Wedding


Boris and Maggie have been together for over 11 years.  They joked their wedding was a long time coming, and when their time came in August - they decided to keep it simple, cozy and intimate - which seemed to match their laid back personalities perfectly.  They turned Boris's sister's backyard into a dreamy garden-style Wedding Day, and cleverly arranged tables in a circle around the yard so everyone could see each other and be part of one big conversation.  Maggie's brother had a few devices Zooming their ceremony and first dance, and after - they got to spend their day creating special connections between their two families.  Plus, they got some killer Golden Hour light. xo


Kelsey & Nick - September

Nah Dawg - We Got This

Kelsey & Nick's wedding was in September and right when restrictions were eased enough to all for a full-on party.  This was largely because their venue, Lago Event Center, held everything outside.  Their dining tables were socially distanced under a tent, and their dance floor was the in the open air, under only the stars.  It was a full, high energy day and everything happened, including a quick elevator ride up to the sky deck for epic sunset pictures.  Everyone's exuberance made real-deal ear-to-ear real smiles for Kelsey and Nick to cherish forever.



Kate & Dan

Kate & Dan - October

When Less became so much More


All year long, the phrase that Kate kept saying was, "I just love this man."  So by October, they were beyond ready to just be married.  Both coming from a huge network of friends and family, they postponed their Reception to this October so they could have a wedding day filled with their favorite things.  Favorite things?  Like what?  Like a bagpiper ... did you catch it?  A bagpiper! I mean - C'mon.  She kept saying "when we stop for Brats at West Side Market" and I kind of was like "yeah, okay right, when we stop for brats."  Until we went to West Side Market and they stood in line, ordered Brats, and paid a visit to their favorite Cheese Lady.  Brats!  Cheese Lady!  We hit the Art Museum and found nature-loving Dan's "the perfect tree" ... where I made the brothers peek-a-boo from behind it because trying to get them to do anything was like Ketchup, Mustard and Onions at a Tribe game.  When we hit their family's favorite bar, Parnell's, it was there that Kate's dad described their long standing family tradition of coming there after weddings - how great is that?  We ended in a party room at NightTown where everything happened:  Kate & Dan shared their First Dance, Kate and her dad shared their dance, they laughed and cried at the Toasts, and cut their first and only ever wedding cake.  While it can seem overwhelming to be in a room of 100's who are there for you ... I think in some way ... being in a smaller room filled with both of your absolute closest family ever - it seemed to kind of bring it all home.




Steve & Maggie

Steve & Maggie - May

Their Joy just Melted the World Away and 

they surprised us all with their

Hidden Gem of a Venue


Faced with being among the "first" of the new season, these two weren't letting anything stop them and in the 11th hour, following the most recent rules ... they got very creative and their wedding day turned verrrrrrry cool.  They wanted to keep it all outside, something that would work for all who attended.  In their search for local options - they discovered one of the best kept secrets in Cleveland:  A Christmas Story House wedding.  Yes!  No, they didn't get married next to the Leg Lamp.  That was the first thing your mind's eye saw, wasn't it?  But what you may not know, is that property also shares space 50 feet next door with a kitschy 3 story Bed & Breakfast with a charming front and backyard.  The girls got ready in one house, Steve got ready in the other house, and after an epic run of city pictures, with a family member dressed as their Chauffer, they got married right there, up on the famous porch for all to see.  Complete with charming favors and personalized decor, their cocktail party afterward was a fun, relaxed and intimate ending to a very memorable wedding day - kinda like that moment on the patio, when you close you're eyes and let the day drain out and the warmth of the sun soak in. xo



Rae & Lance

Rae & Lance - August

Sweet, complete and simply sincere



These two spent got to spend their day focusing on their best friends and closest family.  Rae was such a sweet bride - excited, shy of being the center of attention but so happy to experience her wedding day to Lance.  Lance let me know he haaaaates, pictures, lol - but true gentleman that he is - you'd never know it because he never showed it and only had eyes for Rae.   From first looks to city pictures through their long-awaited traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony, and ending with a reception/housewarming party in their newly purchased home ~ when they share the wedding album we made ~ all the moments and milestones will be there to inspire all their generations to come.