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Your Senior ...



Your Senior, their way.  Infusing creative techniques from wedding, commercial and lifestyle portrait photography -

we'll capture your Senior in the context of what they love, and the spirit of who they become.



 Meet Jack                                                   Meet Tess                                                     Meet Colin                                               Meet Marissa


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Their Photoshoot ...



Senior Photoshoots take no less than 60 minutes, and usually 1.5 - 2 hours depending on the number of outfits and types of settings he or she is interested in.  In the time alotted, we'll go on location or stay in the studio - your choice.  My favorites places to shoot are in the city [The Flats, 9th Street Pier, all over Downtown ] & on the water [Huntington Beach, Edgewater Park, Whisky Island, Lakewood Park ].


We can try to capture as many outfits or settings as our contracted amount of time will permit, always with the option to upgrade to the next package if everyone is having too much fun to stop.  Ideally, your Senior will come with hair done, makeup perfected, outfits pressed and ready to have some fun - with and without coaching!


The more your son or daughter brings their personal interests into the shoot, the more interesting and personal it will be.  I can catch them jumping in mid-air, lost in the moment of singing, playing their favorite instrument, and just being themselves.




Your Investment ...



A lot of lighting, equipment, editing, planning and time goes into each photoshoot.  This is your son or daughter's last year before their next adventure, and you want to feel like they are right there with you when you look at them.  All of their images will be individually edited, sharpened, delivered and archived as High Resolution jpeg digital files for maximum print performance.  Each package includes a set of Gift Prints, as well as a Savings Code to complete your collection for your wall, shelves & desk.


When we book your shoot, I will provide a guide on what to wear.   All Portrait Packages include basic editing, corrections and enhancements.  For more extensive facial or clothing retouching to al the images in your set, add $100



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